Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crop night :)

I missed yesterday! Another day with a lot packed in. Photographed a friends baby yesterday morning. It was her late baby shower gift. Gorgeous little girl named Breanna. In the middle of that Aidan arrived (and mum's dog) and the rest of the day was a blur. At one stage the boys wanted to go for a walk around the block. The four of us set off, even Ethan rode (was pushed) on his little bike. By the time we arrived home about 10 minutes later there were 11 of us! We were like a snowball, gathering children as we went. Brett says I'm like the pied-piper LOL. This time I managed to entertain them in the front garden, so the house survived a little better.

Was invited to a party plan party last night, spent too much and drank too much. Luckily preggers (carol) drove :) Although it was only a street or so away anyway.

Today Ethan and I went to visit Nanna & Pa who arrived home from Hong Kong in the middle of the night. They were very happy to see Ethan. Unfortunatly Liam couldn't come as he was at Nanna & Poppys (sleep over again). They did lots of shopping, and had a great time, and even more importantly made it home safe and sound.

Tonight I'm off to crop with Jane & Lisa at CTYD, and Leigh (Breanna's mummy) is comming too. Think I should seriously consider having the crops here, by the time I pack everything! I pack WAY too much.

Night all, Jess I hope Angus is feeling better :(


Jess said...

Have fun tonight Katie. I'm having my own little cropping party of one tonight while Paul and Ethan are camping! Angus is still wheezing quite badly, and still has the lumps in his mouth - they appear to be bothering him a bit more tonight. I've escaped for 2 minutes while he has his bottle because he screamed at the top of his lungs through most of dinner. Not a good evening. :-(

Sarah said...

Have fun at the crop Katie. I so wish i could come as well. I am glad to hear Ethan is feeling better..



Donna WIlson said...

I'm procrastinating.... again... I really WANT to scrap, but not sure I have the energy to. Hope you have more luck than me.. xx

Megan said...

You have been busy Katie! CONGRATULATIONS on another acceptance, I am not at all surprised because you create such wonderful layouts. And I love the pied piper comment rofl.

Hoping last night was a lot of fun :-)

Megan xx

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie.....I can just see you being the Pied Piper...."c'mon kids follow me I'm the Pied Piper..."Lol!